November 3-4, 2017

Copper Point Resort, Invermere, BC


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Chuck It In The Fuck It Bucket

And be unapologetically and authentically you, profanities and all (...and if you say “frick”, “frack”, or “freak”, you’re more than welcome here, too!) Because isn’t it about time you start living your life on your terms so that you can finally be the real, awesome you?

Then come join me in designing a life that you love and gets you revved up every single morning! Life By Design Live is happening November 3-5, 2017 at the Copper Point Resort in Invermere, CA.

Life By Design isn’t about changing who you’s about uncovering all the parts of you that have been pushed aside over the years as life took over. Maybe you’ve been “mom-ing” for the last 18+ years and at some point along the way, realized that your entire days were based around laundry, lunches, and lifts to soccer practice. Or maybe you’ve been the backbone of the family who’s had to keep it together and has never really had time to break or just be.

No matter what’s brought you to this point, the important thing is that you’re HERE and you’re ready - like 100% “let’s do this shit” ready - to embrace what life has to offer you...and what YOU have to offer LIFE.

Because let’s face it - you’re fucking awesome and nobody’s gonna dull your sparkle anymore! 

This is your chance to put all of your worries, fears, inhibitions, concerns, “what ifs” and “yeah buts” in the Fuck It Bucket and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

You’re probably thinking: Um but who the hell are YOU to be telling me what to do?
Yeah, I know, just what you need. Another stranger passing an opinion, as though I know something you don’t. You’re right.
I’m not going to claim I know anything about you except for these 2 things:

  1. I know you want more out of your life
  2. You’re incredibly capable of getting to that point

Hell yeah, I do and I am! Tell me how, potty mouth!

Let me take a minute to share a li’l something about me and why I’m spreading the gospel of “Fuck It, I Want MORE”.

Ever found yourself sobbing hysterically on the bathroom floor (or closet floor or in the car) because you just felt like your life sucked? Like you were meant for something bigger and better...but then life just kept throwing shit at you until you felt like one of those overflowing trash bins in the corner of the park that never seems to be tended to?

*raises hand*

That was me a few years ago. Ugh, and I hated myself for being and feeling that way. I just trudged around in this awful bubble of negativity, self-loathing, resentment, and longingness for MORE. And of course, you let that go on for too long and it ends up affecting every aspect of your life - work is shitty, home is shitty, your partner is shitty, life is shitty. And on and on and on.

And I kept blaming everything else for why nothing was going right in my life. Until I got a big fat reality check and realized that IT WAS ME.

I was in control of how I felt. I was in control of how I reacted to situations. I was in control of MY LIFE.

BOOM. Biggest fucking truth bomb ever.

Which brings us to right now. I LOVE what I do and I’m HAPPY. You might not catch me skipping through a meadow picking daisies and singing to the birds but I am over-the-moon thrilled with the way my life has turned out. 

It took some time but I flipped the switch in my brain and got into a brand new mindset…One that made me take responsibility for my happiness and my actions and where I faced my truths and found a way to live the life I wanted, in the way I wanted.

World, watch out! Bailey is in the building!
This is what I want FOR YOU. I want you to get out of that negative place filled with judgement and come into a space that is super supportive, safe, welcoming, and, above all, puts YOU first. 

Come surround yourself with other awesome like-minded people, soak up positive vibes, make some friends, get inspired by crazy inspirational speakers, and show yourself some love.

It’s your time.

So if you’re ready for something transformational and want to start kicking some serious ass in life, well, head right this way


Donna McArthur (Invermere, BC)

Bailey Yeats is utterly passionate about her work!   She can move a crowd in mere moments, inspiring and motivating them to move forward in their lives.  Bailey is an exceptionally engaging speaker who challenges her audience to participate, learn and grow.  Her energy is contagious because the audience senses  that she cares deeply for them…because she does!  Bailey gives fantastic tools that people can use to create immediate change and works very hard to make sure her audience is given lasting value.  I can’t wait to see Bailey speak again!

Keandra Doss (Los Angeles, CA)

Bailey is a such a great speaker! She has a "straight-shooter" delivery that challenges the audience to examine their choices, while empowering them to believe that an extraordinary and happy life is possible. Bailey is funny, relatable, and engaging. She consistently puts together great events with like minded women. Anyone can expect to experience breakthrough at her events!

Stephanie Ghoston (Portland, OR)

Bailey's retreat this year was AMAZE-balls. She brings authenticity, energy and light into everything she does, with ease. Because of her careful planning and selection of speakers, many attendees had powerful breakthroughs and experienced many firsts during the retreat weekend. Bailey even inspired me to hold my own conference next year!"

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