About Life By Design Live

What really lights the fire under your ass?

Look, I've been there. I've been in an incredibly negative headspace where it felt like nothing in my life was going right. It just felt like I was living the same day in and out, and honestly, it pissed me off.

Reality smacked me in the face when it was brought to my attention that perhaps, just maybe, it was ME who needed to change. Maybe I needed to adjust my attitude and outlook on life.

Once I made the commitment to myself to LIVE MY BEST LIFE, it was like a whole new Bailey. I went on a cliched personal discovery journey but it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself because I am no longer wallowing in self-pity and negativity. 

This is what I want FOR YOU. I want you to get out of that negative place filled with judgement and come into a space where you can connect with like-minded people full of positive “can do” vibes and make some super awesome personal discoveries along the way.

So Live By Design Live was formed. I hold this event and pack it full of activities, workshops and speakers specifically chosen to focus you, motivate you, and light that damn fire. What are you waiting for?

We've Got The Serious Shit

You'll find some of our speakers and workshops are designed to focus you, to motivate you, to teach you. We've got leaders and coaches lined up for topics from psychology to launching a business.

And Then We've Got The Fun

We've got to mix it up a little, right? That's why we bring in a few speakers and teachers to help us unwind or just let loose, from yoga classes to designing a dream board.

Mountains for the Weekend?



From the moment you  meet that fresh mountain air as you drive through the rocky pass into  the Columbia Valley you will find yourself at peace...then you will take  out your camera a start snapping selfies with the big horned sheep and  stopping at every lookout point on your way to Invermere to take in the  AMAZING scenery of the Purcell & Rocky Mountains.

Not only is  this event going to ROCK YOUR WORLD but so will the location. Take a  dip in the Radium Hot Pools, check out local shops and stops in  Invermere on the Lake or just hang out at the event venue, Copper Point  Resort.

Who doesn't love  spending time breathing in that crisp, clean mountain air? Relaxing and  rejuvenating all while gaining the tools and knowledge that you can use  to continue to create the best version of yourself. 

Copper Point Resort

Book your room on site! Just mention the Life by Design Live event upon booking and you will receive a kickass discount!

(250) 341 4000  |  www.copperpointresort.com

Take A Dip In The Radium Hot Pools

The picture says it all doesn't it? Cool on the outside, warm on the inside...AH-MAZ-ING! Only a 10 minute drive from the venue. 

Hellz Yes! I am ready to light a fire under my ass!