6:00pm - Registration
6:30pm - Welcome to LBDLIVE!

7:00pm - Fundamentals of Money with Jenn Widney
7:45pm - Love Languages with Jill Bossert
8:30pm - Food Psychology with Erika Bauer

9:15pm - Casual Networking


8:30am - DOORS OPEN

9:00am - Intention Setting with Bev Janisch
9:30am - Beyond Kale: 3 Keys to Healing Yourself Using the Power of Your Heart & Mind with Shyloe Fayad
10:00am - Embrace What Makes You Different with Vanessa McWilliams
10:30am - Your River, Your Dream with Sean Tyler Foley

11:00am - 1:00pm - LUNCH BREAK

1:00pm - Self Defence with Luraina Undershute
2:00pm - Do it Live! with Steven Paolasini & Hussam Al-Rameeni
2:30pm - Family Connection with Heather Ruth
3:00pm - Mastermind
3:30pm - Habits by Design with Alison Beierlien
4:00pm - The 10 Minute Time Machine with Jared Morrison

5:00pm - 7:00pm - DINNER BREAK (and VIP dinner)

7:00pm - The Purpose Party with Dr. Donna McArthur PLUS shopping, cash bar, networking & vision boards!


8:30am - 1:00pm
Hike Mount Swansea, Mountain Top Yoga and Meditation with Natalie Forrest

**BOO it's getting pretty chilly here in Invermere already. I have made the decision to move to an indoor activity. We are still going to be doing Yoga and Meditation with Natalie at Copper Point Resort. More details to come about the indoor activity!** - Bailey