The VIP Experience

You work hard EVERY DAMN DAY. When was the last time you treated yourself rather than your kids, pet, spouse? I'd say it's time you gave yourself a VIP experience. 

We are talking a personal mini PHOTO SHOOT, 'cause when was the last time you had a REALLY good photo of yourself?

How about a DELICIOUS VIP DINNER with all of the speakers and workshop leaders? YES PLEASE!

And to top is all off, let's hit the TOP OF A MOUNTAIN with a hike up to the top of Mount Swansea!

VIP Treatment

Enjoy VIP treatment including reserved seating, a personal mini photo shoot AND VIP swag valued at $2500!

VIP Dinner

Spend time with the speakers and workshop leaders as you make deeper connections while enjoying your 3-course meal on Saturday evening at the VIP dinner.

VIP Activities

Have you ever wanted to hike a mountain? Spend the morning with the VIP's, including speakers & workshop hosts as we hike Mount Swansea & enjoy private mountaintop yoga!